Here are a few tips to get your property sold fast!

When it comes to selling your property,  Estate agents get a bad name!

Yes, there are bad agents, just like there are bad shoe shops! But, in our 15 years in business, we have found that many of the problems that can result in a property not selling, are actually caused BY THE SELLER THEMSELVES.

Messy Office

Look your Best!

So many times we make an appointment to photograph a property and arrive to find the apartment of villa in a really untidy state. Just because you are wanting to sell does not mean you shouldn’t invest a little time and maybe money into getting what was once YOUR dream home into a BUYERS dream home. Remember when you were looking to buy and were put off a property that sounded perfect, but the photos were terrible? Or you arrived for a viewing only to find the place was filthy?

Get your place Clean and decluttered! If you have an untidy place it screams NO STORAGE or TOO SMALL to a possible buyer.

Cables and wires all over the place ? NOT ENOUGH ELECTRICAL POINTS.


Maybe none of these things are actually true, but FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT with buyers, so put your best foot forward and shine!


  • Pack away things that you will not be using. You are going to move soon so get packing and free us the space. 
  • Touch up any paintwork that needs it.
  • Broken lights ? Doors that stick? Get them fixed!
  • Dead Plants or shabby gardens? Get it sorted.

Nice and Tidy

If your potential buyer sees that you don’t care about the visible things, they will automatically believe that the maintenance has been bad and there must also be underlying problems! Spending €300 to get your place looking great to a buyer can add €3000 to your selling price!

Get your side of the deal in order!

Every buyer will want to get into their new home ( preferably your Old home ) as fast as possible. When you decide to sell we will ask you for various documents and information about the property.

  • Get a copy of your latest IBI & BASURA*  receipts from your town hall.
  • Ask your community administrator for a copy of the last two years minutes from the community meetings.
  • Get a statement of your community fees.
  • If applicable, get a copy of the ‘Licencia De Primera Ocupacion’ or a letter of No Infraction from your local Ayuntamiento 
  • Have an up to date Energy Certificate.
  • If you won’t be in Spain while your property is on the market, set up a Power of Attorney so your agent or legal advisor can accept a deposit on your behalf.#
    Decide what is NOT included in the sale. Furniture? Personal possessions? It’s amazing how many times a deal can fall apart because a buyer falls in love with the entire property only to find out that your idea of ‘ Sold Fully Furnished’ didn’t mean the actual furniture that they saw when viewing! Swapping your lovely sofa for one from a junk sale between accepting the offer and the actual date of completion is not a good idea! Believe me … it does happen!
  • Discuss commission with your  LCPSPAIN agent. We are always willing to do our part to get your property sold.
  • Ask about the reduced legal fees for clients who list their properties exclusively with LCPSPAIN

If you are unsure about any of these things, discuss them with us when we meet and we will assist, or even get these things for you.


We all loved our new home when we bought it. We wouldn’t have bought it if we thought it was over priced! Well, today's buyers are the same. If similar properties in your area are selling for €200,000 then why will a buyer spend €300,000 on yours?

Ok, maybe you have a grey kitchen that you really love, or you’ve spent €2000 on a super dooper all singing and all dancing lighting system. At the end of the day these things are personal and can be changed. 

Buyers are really looking for Four Basic things. Things that THEY went from their new home.

  • Is it the right location for them?
  • Is it the right size for them?
  • Is it the right price for them?
  • What will they need to spend to get it the way THEY want it to be.

A property is only worth what somebody will pay for it. Pitching your sale price too high will stop potential buyers even viewing the property. We have all heard about ‘ Spending a little extra if the property is perfect’ but this usually applies to a buyer adding to the top of their existing budget!

If you need to clear a mortgage, of course you will have a bottom line in mind. Everyone wants to make a profit when they sell, but pricing yourself out of the market will do you no favours.

Be totally honest with your agent. They will be trying to get you the best deal, but if they don’t know all the facts you can’t blame them when your property does not sell.

Sellers and Agents want to sell, Buyers want to buy

Before and After

The most common sticking points that we have come across over the years we have been selling properties on The Costa Del Sol are Buyers who are unrealistic about what they can get for their money and sellers who forget they are trying to sell!

Everybody loves a deal and a deal never works when there is no give and take.


Let us help you to get your property out there and SOLD.

We Provide:

Free Photo Shoot of your Property.

*Assistance sourcing all the required documentation.

Attending all viewings with pre-agreed appointments.

Financially Verified Clients.

Reduced Legal costs when using ours in house Legal team.

(.75% reduced from 1.5% available to LCPSPAIN PURCHASERS & SELLERS)

Assistance with 

Storage, Moving Services, Maintenance services, Keyholding

Reduced Commissions on Exclusive Sales

Online Promotion of your property

Window Publication in our Office