Time to let you in on the Latest News!

Here at LCPSpain we are delighted our business continues to grow.  Thanks to the support of our clients, working with us availing of our different services, we are thrilled to be launching our new website in the next few days. 

LCP Spain | Time to let you in on the latest news!Busy Times! Along with all the Rental, Licencing and Management services that we al, we have been involved in buying and selling properties for our clients over the last few years. 

With the trust our clients have built up with us, they’ve asked us to handle the sale of their property. As we’ve know each property and don’t just pull it from a data base shared by hundreds, we can offer assurance to the vendor that we will look after all aspects of the sale for them and to the purchaser is provided with a property we can tell them all about. 

As a result, we are launching the new website, www.lcpspain.com which will include this ‘new’ service. 

Since we began as ‘Marbella Man Friday’ in 2005 the company has survived the Financial Crisis and our reliability became our backbone. The name change to LCP ( Legal Costa Properties)  came about in 2015 as we grew into an S.L Company. 

Owned by Irish man, Brian McDonnell, a Dubliner on the Costa Del Sol since 2004, he has looked after many, many foreign Investors as they find their way through the obstacle course that is buying property abroad. 

LCP Spain | Escrituras y ContratosFrom finding the property that is perfect for you, providing the legal services involved in the purchase, assistance with all that is involved in furnishing and fitting your new home

along with managing rentals, right down to organising your Tax Returns in Spain, LCPSpain has become a One Stop Shop for our clients. 

The team at LCP speak both Spanish and English and along with The Purchase and Sales of Property on the Costa Del Sol and Cadiz area we also assist with 

  • First Occupation Licences 
  • Residencia
  • NIE Numbers 
  • School Registration  
  • Holiday Rental Licence, including Passport Registration with Police 
  • Driving Licence Exchange 
  • Property Management 
  • Mortgages 
  • FX currency deals 
  • Renovation / Refurbishment work 
  • Quarterly / Annual tax returns 
  • Sourcing of lost documents ( Escrituras, Nota Simple, etc) 

With the increase in demand to purchase property on the Costa Del Sol, LCPSpain need to cast our nets a little wider to satisfy the clients we have, wishing to buy.  

The upsurge in the Spanish Property market yields a far better return for investors than any Bank interest rate. Managed well, it will also give a rental income. Since the unrest in Barcelona, Andalucia property has become even more desirable. 

As a result LCPSpain are looking for Quality Properties, or Renovation Projects for our Clients to Purchase. 

Get in touch with us on office@LCPSpain.com if you are looking to buy or sell a Special Property. 

LCP Spain | Certificado Residencia

LCPSpain will only market properties we have been to visit in person. When we take you to see a property for sale, you can be assured that we know the property and have not just pulled it from the internet. Get in touch to discuss Listing your property for sale or if you are looking for something special. 

**As some of our clients don’t wish to advertise in public, we often have properties that are for sale, but not listed anywhere else** 

Things you need to do 

  • Watch out for the new website  www.LCPSpain.com
  • Email Office@LCPSpain.com to discuss listing your property 
  • Email Brian@LCPSpain.com to discuss finding your perfect property. 
  • Get in touch with us for a Better Property Experience
  • Call +34 648088100 for information on any of LCPSpain’s Services.  

Thank you to all our clients and friends who have worked with us over the years and we hope we continue to impress you. 

Send an email to News@LCPSpain.com to be first to know about new properties on the market. 

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