Registration of Holiday Rental Properties is on the up

Owners of Holiday Rental Properties are realising that in order to comply with the new laws and avoid the hefty fines, they must register their properties with Junta De Andalucia.

LCP Spain | Registering Holiday Rental Properties

With over 33 new properties being registered every day according to the latest statistics, and 11,000 already registered so far, owners who advertise their property without the VFT or CTC number visible, are at risk of a fine and easy to spot! The CTC is a temporary number while your application is in process, but Legal Costa Rentals will get your FULL VFT for you in less than 72 hours.

A topic deemed important enough to be on the front page of both Sur in English and the Euro Weekly News this week, nobody can use the excuse they didn’t know about the new law.

Here at LEGAL COSTA RENTALS we have registered a huge number of properties and continue to do so on a daily basis, along with assisting owners to register with the police for Passport Registration of visitors. As with hotels, all visitors to private rental accommodation must now have their passports recorded with the police within 24 hours of arrival.

If you need more information on how to register your rental property with Junta De Andalucia, or the police, get in touch with us now. We are experts in Registering Properties and have solutions for owners without a First Occupation licence. We have secured full VFT for many Marbella owners who struggle without the First Occupation Licence, allowing them to rent legally in a very lucrative market.

The minimum fine for Non Registered apartments is €3,000. And now with a Hot Line for people to Report Unregistered Rental Properties, it is fool hardy not to register your rental property.

Contact us through our website or by emailing and see how easily we can get you registered and renting without the risk of a fine.