Andalucia Rental Law Registration

Legal Holiday Rentals

The law in Andalucia has Changed since May 11th 2016.

From this date properties rented for periods of less than 2 months Must register with the Junta de Andalucia. Failure to do so can result in fines starting at €3000. The VFT or Number of Registration MUST be shown on all advertisements to rent the property, Online and in all publications.

We provide a start to finish Service to Register your Property with the Junta de Andalucia, easy, fast, and cheap. In 99% of our applications, we have you legal within 24 hours, saving you the bother of removing your adverts while you wait for your VFT.

The three-month ease in period started on Feb 2nd, 2016 when the Law was published. All applications should be in process now or face a risk of being fined.

We remove all the headaches in registering…. So you can keep earning from your Investment.

There are many logical reasons for this.

  1. To maintain a good standard of rental. Nothing too outlandish is required. Just that the properties are fully equipped, clean, fit for purpose. Nothing you would not already have in your property or expect if you rented somewhere.
  2. To create a level playing field and accountability of property owners who take money under false pretenses and provide a shoddy service.
  3. To ensure the safety of the people who stay in these properties.
  4. To safeguard jobs in the hotel sector.
  5. To have a traceable record of who is staying where ( All passports must be checked in hotels… now it will follow through to private rentals.)

This is also a subject of security resulting from previous Terror attacks where properties were used and the owner of the property had no idea their property was rented by terrorists.

Registering a Property Is Nothing to be concerned about. It is similar to a Driving Licence. You want to Drive? You need a license. The same follows for Renting. It is however, the law.

Details of the New Holiday Law From May 11th 2016

Who does this law relate to?

Anyone who offers a Property for short term rental, personally, using rental agents, Internet sites etc.

What is a tourist property under the new law?

Any property rented less than 2 months per contract and in beach areas, city areas and tourist areas, NOT in a rustic area like farms, cortijos or country houses.

What are the requirements for housing for tourism?

a) Licence of First Occupation if the property was built after 1983 or equivalent document if it was before. That is very important and without this document, you have a high risk to get a fine, because the decree says you need to have all the requirements, and that is the one that JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA ask about.

b) The property must have direct access outside to courtyards or terraces or windows and a system to block light (Curtains, blinds, etc)

c) Be sufficiently furnished and equipped with appliances and utensils needed for immediate occupation and sufficient according to the number of tenants (ie…. Sleeps 4, enough of everything for 4 people)

d) Air conditioning in the rooms. Where the operating period comprising the months of May to September inclusive.If the rental period covers the months from October to April inclusive, they must have heating, If Not installed you have a period of one year for this requirement to be met ( until 11.05.2017) Mobile units are permitted.

e) First aid kit.

f) Provide maps, in physical or electronic form, in the area, entertainment, restaurants and cafes, shops and food stores, the closest parking to property, existing medical services in the area, details of public transport in the area.

g) All homes will have a Junta de Andalucía Complaints Book available to the users, and the associated poster in a visible place inside the property.

h) Clean and clear access at the entrance and exits.

i) Bedding, linens, household goods generally, according to the occupancy of the apartment and a set of replacement. The property must be cleaned fully between each rental client.

J) To provide the clients with a local phone number to contact and resolve immediately, any question or issue relates to property.

k) Make available to the clients information and operating instructions for all appliances or other devices for proper use. ( how to use the cooker… washing machine etc..

l) To inform users of internal & community rules regarding the use of facilities, equipment, as well as the situation regarding pets in the property, restrictions on smokers as well as areas of restricted use.

For example … the pool closes at 10pm… Or no BBQ’s at the pool… No glasses in the pool

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