has sent the email below to all it’s Andalucia Clients. How many of you have received it?

“….Dear Partner, We would like to inform you of the following requirements imposed by the touristic accommodation regulations in Andalusia, which are applicable to all accommodation registered on the B.V. pag that is rented for short-term tourist stays. Registration Number provided by Registro de Turismo de Andalucía (RTA) the Andalusian Government requires by law that all registration numbers for your properties are displayed on your page on the B.V. page. In order to comply with this requirement, B.V. kindly requests that you provide your registration number within 15 days of receiving this notice. Please log in to the Extranet and click on “Property ” and then “Settings”. Then fill with the corresponding license number. If you should need to register for a license number, you can do so via the following link, provided by the Andalusian Government:

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation on this matter.

Kind regards, B.V.

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